Explanation of nowonMusic functions

Functions for music fans

Functions for Advertisers

Functions for music fans

Import to calendar apps Caldown

At live event information pages, when you pushCaldown then, you can import live information incuding date, time, performers and locations to your PC/Smart phone calender apps.

Entry as fan

After log in, when you push , then icon color changes to and you can entry as their fans.
Future live information of these artists and livehouses will be listed to Myevent my event page
Also, artists and livehouses can send mail magazines through Faviconnowonmusic mail accout to those who entried as fans.

Liked to live events

After log in, if you push , then it changes to . The live events you marked
will be listed to Myevent my events page as your liked live information

Myevent My events page

After log in, if you go to Myevent my events page, you can see the list of live events you marked Follow and the future live events of the artists and livehouses you marked .

Live events reservation

Reserve Live events with this mark can be reserved.
Your can see Reserve on live events by the artists and livehouses who activated reservation function.
After log in, when you push Reserve, then you will go to reservation page. Please enter number of resevation seats and also messages, if required, and then push Reserve , reservation confirmation e-mail will be automatically sent to your e-mail address you registered as ID
If you go to the live information page you reserved while log in, you can see Reserved and also see the button Change or Cancel reservation .
When you want to change or cancel the reservation, please push Change or Cancel reservation , then you will be sent to the page for reservation change or cancel. When you push entry button on that page, you will receive confirmation e-mail of your ID
When you cancel the reservation, please select 0 on your reserved seats.

Purchase Tickets

BuyYou can purchase the ticket of the live if you see this button.
After log in,Buyif you push this button, you will be sent to ticket purchase page, please select the number of ticket you purchase and push summit button. You will be sent to purchase confirmation page and after your confirmation, please pushBtn xpresscheckoutbutton and you will be sent to paypal page for your purchase through paypal
Please follow paypay instruction for the purchase. You do not need to register paypal member to purchase ticket. You just need credit card information for purchase if you do not want to register as paypal member.
The ticket issued by nowonmusic.com is paperless QR code ticket, so you do not receive paper ticket.
Please bring the paper print of the ticket with QR code, or after your purchase, if you go to that live information page, you will see the button Ticket and if you push this button, you can view the ticket on the screen. On the live date, please show that ticket screen or you can bring print out of that ticket page for the entry.

Purchase CDs/DVDs Buy Submit comments Submit

Items on sale now are the CDs/DVDs currently on sale
On the detail pages, you can see the explanation of that CDs/DVDs and also you can see the song list.
If you see button, you can listen to the short trial samples of the song. Please note that you will be sent to external site for the trial sample.
Buy You can purchase those items with this button.
You can select regular mail, percel package or hand receive at the live events.
If you see minus number on the cost, item cost will be deducted. You can also include your messages when you purchase, if you select hand receive at the live event, please include date and location of the live event for your hand receive so that artists/livehouses can recognize the date and location.
After you select number of items,the way of you receive and message, if you push Buy button, you will be sent to purchase confirmation page and you can move to paypal purchase page with push Btn xpresscheckout button.
If you select regular mail or percel package, please include the address of the location you want to receive the items on paypal pages.
Please note that if you select regular mail, there have no insurance coverage on the purchased item when you had damages on them. If you select parcel package, normally you can request the insurance coverage when you had any damages on the purchased items.
You can see all the history of your purchase on Myevent my event page.

Cloud fundings Support

The active projects currently requesting the funding support is the list of the projects currently collecting the funding support.
You can view several support courses on each detail explanation page of the project.
You can see the button Support on each support courses and if you push that button, after confirming the contents of the support you provide, then, with pushing the button Btn xpresscheckout , you can enter the process of payment with credit card.
To receive CD/DVD/items after the success of that project, please enter the address to receive these items while paypal process.

Live events search

You can move to live search page by pushing mark on bottom menu
If you push calendar mark on the right side of the search condition form, calendar for date selection will be pup up.
After date selection, if you push Search buton bellow, you can view the list of the live events on the selected date.

Comment to live events Comment

After log in, you can see the comments post form. You can post comments and images. Your registered nickname will be shown up as commenter. Acceptable image formarts are jpeg, jpg, gif and png. The maximum image data size is 10 mega bite.

JpnUsa Change Launguage

If you push the button Jpn Usa on the bottom menu, the language on the screen will be changed to JpnJapanese UsaEnglish

Artists Index

You can move to Artists index page by pushing this button.

Livehouses Index

You can move to Livehouses index page by pushing this button.

Share to Facebook Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails You can share current open page to facebook by pushing this button.

Share to Twitter Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails You can share current open page to twitter by pushing this button.

Functions for Advertisers

nowonAds(Advertising function)

After log in, by pushing the link Apply advertisements , you can apply the new advertisement. Please follow the instructions for the application. The cost of the advertisement and maximum duration can be confirmed on the applicaton form. Please provide one banner image and the link you would like to guide at the click. The banner image is square shape, maximum size of the image is 10 mega bite and the image format can be among jpeg, jpg, gif and png. The actual banner will be reduced to the proper size fit to the format and the quality of the image can be changed due to the reduction of the image. When the applied advertisement project reach to the start date, visitors can view the advertisement banner on Favicon nowonmusic top page top row and the number of views and clicks will be started.
The detail terms and conditions of the advertisement can be reviewed on this link Terms & Conditions .
After apply of the advertisement, you can check the status of the application and also monitor the number of views and clicks by going to this link. Apply advertisements .